Who I am

Born in the Champagne region, previously lived in Paris and Sydney.

I love discovering the world, find charming places, meet people and understand other cultures.

There is often an electronic music song played in my mind, excepting when I listen jazz music to relax.

I love getting out and about and being active. I’ve practiced several sports but you’ll more likely meet me on a ski track or in a squash court than in a gym room lifting weights.

I also like Geography, History, Geopolitics, Swimming, Kayaking, Snorkeling, Wildlife and environment, Gastronomy, Writing.


What I do

Nourished by the French and Anglo-Saxon cultures, I focus either on the conceptual and strategic side of the design or work on micro-details.



Get a clear understanding of the topic and all expectations is THE key of success. I analyse business expectations staying open minded and curious by discovering what the market does. Because I’m the users’ spokesman, I have to know them very well: who they are, what they need etc.



I summarise, simplify and translate information to get usable insights for the design. If necessary I run workshops to define personas, user journeys and target user experiences I’ll fight for. Then I refine and prioritise the design scope.



Here it is! Let’s organise creative workshops, brainstormings, start sketching and wireframing across several design iterations (I believe in team working). After defining the global architecture, I design the first high-level concepts and identify the key design principles.



Because the voice of users is gold, I do, redo, redo and redo again until coming up with a solution suiting perfectly both business and user expectations.



An interactive prototype is not enough. Writing functional specifications and defining the flows are crucial to me in order to explain with words and schemas all decisions we’ve made from the beginning.

Why work with me

Meet users’ needs and generate outcomes for the business is a requirement.

Generate a rich, delightful and engaging experience is my exigency.

I believe digital design should be playful, human, emotional and enjoyable.

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Contact me for

UX coaching and consulting
User experience design
User research
User testing

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What describes me

Creative problem solver.
Presentation to stakeholders and written communication skills.
Dynamic UX leader with a flexible mindset and team player mentality, action taker.
Ability to work independently and or within a collaborative team.

What people say

I have been a manager of Matthieu at two different companies, and both times I found him excellent to work with. He is extremely talented and motivated, and has a rare combination of passion and expertise. I would definitely hire him again and would recommend him to any company that is serious about UX and UI design.

Matt is one of the best UX designer I’ve ever worked with. He deeply understands Design and Technology and is open-minded and flexible. Always up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. For the first time in my life I haven’ seen the UX as a constrain for my Design, but as a real improvement of my ideas. Matt has a huge skill set and his wire framing and prototyping are incredibly closed to the final product.

I have worked directly with Matthieu on a project and I can say he is a tremendous UX designer. He always shows creativity, inspiration and hard work. He is very detailed oriented and he always exceeds the expectations. I highly recommend Matthieu.

Matt is a delight to work with. Of course he's a fantastic UX designer, but he's more than that: he's passionate, quick to 'catch on' and knowledgeable. We worked on a pretty intense project together, but he was calm and collected throughout, couldn't have done it without him. Highly recommend.